Advanced analytics for the transportation industry.

With thousands of load tenders to consider, customer commitments to be fulfilled, a fleet of assets to be balanced, and loads to be planned, it's virtually impossible for trucking company employees to consistently make the best, most profitable decisions.

And putting more screens with more data in front of them is not the answer.

Fortunately, this is the exact type of problem that data scientists are solving every day in many industries. By leveraging these same machine learning and operations research platforms, trucking companies can now bring the power of analytics to optimize their operations.

That's why we built Freight Science


A systems approach.


Math, not magic.


Experience included.


Human-augmented artificial intelligence


A systems approach.

The challenge for most companies isn’t about having enough data.

They are swimming in customer data, ELD data, driver data, weather data, negotiated rates, market rates, and on and on. The challenge is combining all that data into usable information and actionable insights.

To do this, you cannot consider the data or the decisions independently. The most optimal decisions are derived by considering the entire, massively multi-dimensional system.

If you only accept the highest-revenue loads, you might not meet your contractual commitments. If you only focus on commitments, you might not balance your assets and end up with empty miles. Try to eliminate all empty miles, and you may not get your drivers back to their home locations on time.

Account management, planning, fuel management, sales, and logistics cannot operate independently. Rather than sub-optimizing each function, every operational decision needs to consider the entire system.

That’s where the power of data science comes in. And it’s the next logical step in the evolution of decision automation technology for our industry.


Math, not magic.

At the core of Freight Science are data science models built specifically to address the operational needs of trucking companies.

By building mathematical models of the entire system - objection functions and operational constraints - we can solve for the most desirable outcomes. This runs on scalable cloud computing power and seamlessly incorporates the decisions back into your existing systems.

While Artificial Intelligence may sound like science fiction or an over-promised buzzword, this is the same technology that many industries are using to modernize operations and create new, and differentiating capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence moves the world forward.

Supply Chain Management

Managing the flow of raw materials and products based on uncertain demand

Power Systems

Maintaining quality of service during outages

Streaming Video

Optimizing bandwidth usage while maintaining an appropriate level of quality


Flight scheduling and crew assignments

Truck Fleet Management

Managing trucking fleets nationwide


Experience included.

Freight Science is custom-built for the trucking industry.

But with so much industry hype on artificial intelligence, it’s import to understand what it is and how it works.

While we’re using approaches and technologies proven to work in other industries, we have tapped into the unique needs and challenges of transportation companies.

Our data science models codify your in-house expertise. We enable you to define the factors that matter most to you in order to tune the algorithms to your needs. Don’t think of it as replacing human experience with computer decision-making. Instead, it is capturing the decision-making of your best employees and broadly applying to all decisions, all the time.


Human-augmented artificial intelligence.

Our models draw on the best of human intelligence, baking in real-world experience and wisdom.

Our approach to data science takes this knowledge and builds on it. We can analyze the past, recommend for the present, and project the future - weighing far more variables and possible outcomes than any humans could on their own.

This level of automation elevates - rather than replaces - the value of your employee contributions. Rather than spending time repeatedly doing the manual tasks of accepting orders and planning loads, they can focus on what they do best - providing outstanding customer service.

Even better, as decisions are made and outcomes measured, Freight Science continues to get smarter, right alongside your people. This leads to even better decisions - and sustainable success.

It's finally time for technology to deliver on its promises in the trucking industry.

It's time for Freight Science.

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