Better decisions start with science.
Freight Science.

There's no shortage of data in your trucking company. Freight Science uses data science to help you maximize its value. We connect your people, systems and processes to help you make smarter, faster decisions - at cloud scale.

Real-world experience + artificial intelligence.

Technology built to transform the trucking industry.

In the last few years, technology has transformed and re-invented one industry after another. From retail and media, to healthcare and engineering - the fates of many companies have been decided by their appetite and ability to embrace new technology.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry has been largely underserved by the same tech that has existed for decades. But now that is rapidly changing.

At Freight Science, our mission is simple.

We leverage the real, human experience already in your organization and combine it with advanced analytics - to help you use information in bold new ways and lead you toward better decisions.

The results? Faster order processing. More efficient routes. Greater driver satisfaction. And improved performance overall.

See the science behind Freight Science.

What we do.

Our algorithms help you standardize decision-making across your entire enterprise, augmenting your tactical and strategic experience with an always-expanding set of data to impact:

Customer Commitment Management

Gain real-time understanding of how every customer commitment impacts network profitability

HITL Yield Management (Human in the Loop)

Forecast demand to accept the most profitable freight by finding the right balance for your network and your customers

Planning & Dispatch (Coming soon)

Match the right load with the right driver and truck at the right time to maximize utilization and improve driver satisfaction

Automated Appointments (Coming soon)