Integrate your disparate operational systems
Models that adjust to real-time market conditions
Analytics and forecasts optimized for speed and precision​
Guided by real-world transport experience

Key features

Enterprise Dashboard

Quickly see the primary customer and operational metrics that you care about – streaming in real-time.

  • Upcoming Loads and Late Risks
  • Reporting Loaded and Empty Miles
  • Revenue and Mileage Totals
  • Lane Realization Opportunities
  • Primary Tender Acceptance Rate
  • Company Level On-Time
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customer award list

Commitment Management

Being able to stand behind the promise of service to your shippers starts with data integrity around the ability to measure your adherence to your commitments.

No more managing with spreadsheets, no more manual data entry into home grown applications – completely auditable, data on your shippers awards.

Help your AMs and CSRs elevate the conversation from loads to revenue.

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tenders hero

Tender Acceptance Analytics

Replacing legacy EDI boards, the Tender screen provides your CSRs and AMs all the information need on a single-screen to make the best decision for your business. Manage critical exceptions in your network. View the entire fleet or drill down into specific fleets and accounts.

  • Network Value
  • Commitment Performance
  • Powerful Automation
  • Real-Time Insights
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Control tower map

Network Control Tower

Put your entire team on the same page about the status of your network, where you need freight, and where you need trucks – for as far into the future as you’ve booked.

  • Real-Time Volume
  • Inbound Trucks
  • Outbound Loads
  • Balance Forecast
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marketplace overview


When sourcing loads for your network, look beyond origin level needs and find the most profitable lanes to put your assets in a position to move your customer’s freight – reducing dependencies on brokerages.

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Customer scorecard displaying shipper performance, carrier performance and top lanes

Customer Scorecard

More than ever it’s important to be transparent about your performance while also holding your shippers accountable. Speak to key metrics with completely auditable data while also highlighting how shippers are performing against awarded lanes and volumes.

  • Shipper Perfromance
  • Carrier Metrics
  • Auditable Data
  • Lane-level Performance
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Brokerage Mobile App

With upfront pricing, load info and facility details, the Freight Science brokerage mobile app makes it easy for approved carriers to find, instantly book, and haul loads that meet their needs.

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Full view planning grid combining filters, loads and drivers creating a complete view of assets and loads


Freight Science Planning leverages advanced analytics and decision science to provide guidance on how best to optimize your freight network to reduce cost and empty miles, while improving replan rates and driver turnover.

  • Reduce deadhead
  • Optimize HoS
  • Increase utilization
  • Increase throughput
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