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Tender Acceptance Analytics

Clear guidance from clean data

Potentially the most important decision a carrier can make is which loads to accept onto the network. The freight acceptance process is the single most important decision made every day that impacts, revenue, profit, loaded and empty miles, and service. What is already a difficult decision is further complicated by silos created by customer or regional business models and technology silos.

  • Get real-time network value
  • Compare customer commitments
  • Automate order overrides

One-screen, one-click tender acceptance

By utilizing the most sophisticated advanced analytics techniques, your customer service representatives and account managers can make decisions-based network profitability while considering customer commitments, in real-time. Freight Science will queue and parallelize the actual acceptance of tenders so the user can move on to other tasks.

Intelligent Scheduling

Freight Science analyzes your network in real time to suggest the optimal appointment times for each tender.

Optimal Automation

Leverage robust automation to pre-populate order details like trailer temp, business division, and equipment type.

Quick Brokerage

Seamlessly shift tenders to your brokerage division with a few clicks, converting sub-optimal tenders into bonus revenue, regardless of your TMS setup.