Fleet of trucks

Getting Started

You may be surprised how quick and easy it is to bring the power of Freight Science to your company. Because our platform sits on top of your existing IT infrastructure, time-to-value is much shorter than comparable implementations and requires less technical and business resources.

Your transformation to advanced analytics

Getting started with Freight Science is straightforward. Time periods represent the typical duration.


Systems connectivity

1 week

  • Set up client cloud environment
  • Send VPN IP and PSK
  • FTP – Host, user and password
Client partner
  • Share type of VPN and connect IP and PSK
  • Set up a Freight Science database user
  • FTP of EDI traffic

Data quality and application user interface

1-2 Weeks

  • Queries – bring in order information in the source system (TMS)
  • EDI mapping
  • Write back – accept and reject freight for each business unit
Client partner
  • Gather customer awards/ commitments and accessorial
  • Provide list of fleets and maintain fleet
  • Setup and manage trailer pools
  • Map out users and roles
  • Begin to map out customer rules

Advanced analytics

1-3 Weeks

  • Asset assignments for tractors
  • API – ELD and tractor integration
  • Generate forecast
  • Provide acceptance recommendations
  • Brokerage integration
Client partner
  • Define fleets by business segments and qualifiers
  • Customer prioritization

Better insights, better decisions

Armed with the full power of your company’s data, you will make more informed choices and enjoy the benefits of precision forecasting.

Hear why our clients love us

Freight Science has provided the opportunity for us to see the promise of AI realized.  That is for the machines to make the predictions and the humans to perform the value-add work machines can’t. We are making better decisions which have improved our network balance, revenue, and customer service. Automation of rote tasks has enabled our customer service team to focus on customer relationships and inside sales opportunities.

- Kim Littlejohn, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Kim Littlejohn, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer at USA Truck