Optimize your freight network

Freight Science Planning leverages advanced analytics and decision science to provide guidance on how best to optimize your freight network to reduce cost and empty miles, while improving replan rates and driver turnover.

  • Reduce deadhead
  • Optimize HoS
  • Increase utilization
  • Increase throughput

Smarter utilization

Drivers are the backbone of freight networks. Increase your driver satisfaction with advanced data models that account for regional and lane preferences, pay and earnings expectations, home time, work schedule, and domicile. Freight Science Planning helps reduce deadhead and replan rates with recommended asset assignments leveraging decision science.

Flexible asset assignment

Freight Science Planning allows you to quickly split loads and assign drivers with a few clicks. Shipments and truck progress are mapped in real-time to provide contextual data points for planners to make informed decisions on when to split a load to address a need.

Decisions powered by science

Planning recommendations are generated per driver and load to identify optimal assignments, calculating for HOS utilization, facility dwell, travel time, and equipment swaps like finding trailers.

Your drivers at a glance

Freight Science Planning offers an innovative view driver of schedules and statuses. Planners can turn schedule gaps into opportunities with recommendations, add home time events, plan loads, and create automation rules for specific drivers and customers.