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Enterprise Dashboard

Better decisions start with better data

The Freight Science Enterprise Dashboard gives all users a real-time snapshot of network performance, equipping teams with the right information to make the best decisions.

Stay aware of loads in progress that need attention. Manage customer relationships with lane realization and commitment tracking. Understand holistic revenue or broken down per asset.

  • Real-time network data
  • Visualize key metrics
  • Actionable intelligence

Real-Time Load Updates

The Enterprise Dashboard provides real-time updates on loads in your network. Easily keep track of loads in progress that are in danger of running late, as well as unplanned loads that pick up soon.

Monitor Lanes and Customers

Driver customer conversations with real data. Address committed volume concerns with existing customers, or capture new commitments on lanes being serviced without a contract.

Visualize Your Network

The Enterprise Dashboard communicates revenue, mileages – including empty mile percentages, and tender volume in a dynamic, easy to use experience.

Monitor Your Service

Review weekly trends for valuable performance metrics including primary tender acceptance, commitment realization, on-time pickup and delivery.