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Commitment Management

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Data Driven Relationships

Stand on more than a promise of service to your shippers with data integrity for all commitments. Freight Science enables an honest look at customer relationships with auditable data and real-time insights. Equip your customer service teams and account managers with actionable insights to reframe conversations around revenue, not loads.

  • Track Commitments
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Shift Conversations

Measure Commitments

Stand behind the promise of service to your shippers with real-time reporting on primary, secondary, backup, and non-commitment lane performance. No more managing with spreadsheets, no more manual data entry into home grown applications.

Change The Conversation

Directly upload customer awards into Freight Science to ensure a full audit of all customer inputs. Freight Science provides auditable data on shipper awards as well as full scorecards using customer-specific thresholds and settings to help elevate the conversation from loads to revenue.

Track Non-Committed Lanes

Freight Science helps surface all points of data on customer commitments. Seize the opportunities for lanes you aren’t committed on and negotiate more profitable relationships.