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marketplace overview

Optimal Load Sourcing

The Freight Science Marketplace enables optimal load sourcing beyond simple origin searches. Real-time network analysis assimilates all sources of data - even across business segments or divisions - to find the most profitable lanes to put your assets in a position to move your customer’s freight. Marketplace also leverages 3rd party load board integrations, making it easier than ever to compare loads across brokerages.

  • Identify Network Gaps
  • Assess Driver Needs
  • Powerful Integrations

Identify Network Gaps

Easily spot gaps in freight coverage using the Marketplace map. Locations with a surplus of trucks in, but few loads out, are highlighted and individual driver needs can be easily assessed.

Brokerage Integrations

Freight Science Marketplace makes sourcing backhauls for trucks easy by leveraging existing network tenders across business segments, compiling all your freight under one roof.

In situations where your network has insufficient freight, leverage 3rd party brokerage integrations directly from Freight Science. No more scraping load boards and copying to spreadsheets to find the best freight.