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Freight Science was founded to provide trucking companies with the modern technology and advanced analytics they need to make profitable decisions that strengthen their entire networks and build thriving, scalable operations.

Transformative tools for modern large asset carriers

By combining streaming data, a carrier’s TMS, machine learning, and decision science large asset carriers can not only deploy their fleets more efficiently, but accurately forecast their needs in the future.

The Freight Science platform has resulted in scores of companies making better decisions and increasing their profit margins.

how we are different

How we’re different


Freight Science tightly integrates with your TMS to give you all the information and decision support while making your system less complex to manage.


Freight Science cleans up and unifies your data, aggregating from various sources such as ELDs and Telematics to produce first-rate reporting and make AI a powerful asset for your network’s growth and profitability.


Freight Science supports improved decision-making on issues like freight acceptance, planning and dispatch with data-driven recommendations, delivering measurable ROI and making your team more efficient.

  • 84 team years of experience in transportation industry

  • 23% of Freight Science employees hold a Ph.D

  • 40+ large asset carriers enjoying our platform’s precision forecasting

Want to join the most cutting-edge team in the industry?

Freight Science believes trucking companies can build scalable, thriving operations through modern technology. You can help create this future.

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