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Brokerage Mobile App

Find, bid on, and win loads 24/7 based on driver preferences

With upfront pricing, load info and facility details, the Freight Science brokerage mobile app makes it easy for approved carriers to find, instantly book, and haul loads that meet their needs.

Driver preferences

Capture preferences from drivers and provide customized load suggestions & available options that satisfy their needs.

Mobile load board

With upfront pricing and information, the load board provides independent contractors and third-party carriers with visibility to your brokerage division’s available loads.

Search & Filter

With easy lane search and filters drivers can quickly and easily find loads that meet their needs.

Book & Bid

Book loads instantly and place bids directly in the app — no phone calls required.

All load details in one place

View full load details like transparent pricing, routing info, appointment times, directions, documents, individual stop details, facility reviews and weather.

Documents & paperwork

Scan and upload documents to streamline bookkeeping.

Truck specific routing

Navigate in-app with turn-by-turn directions using truck specific routing.